The church will have a significant social dimension. It will provide a background to a parish, where young prepare programs for the others and hence learn to be responsible, mutually considerate, helpful, and respectful. The church, therefore, contributes to support mature civic society, social sensibility, and criminality prevention.

In the interior, a big accent is laid on having rooms generally beneficial to the whole society, not only to religious service. A big hall is projected in the lower basement with independent entrance from the exterior, that can be used to various actions as concert, balls, lectures, seminars, and presentations. All needed background such as sanitary, dressing-room, and of course, the kitchen is involved as well.

In the upper floors at the level of vaulted liturgical spaces, various classrooms and meeting rooms will be at disposal that should provide the now missing place not only for teaching activities of the parish but also for a wide range of educational seminars offered to all people of goodwill.

In the elegant space between the two vaults on a barrier-free ramp, an ideal opportunity for various exhibitions and galleries of all kinds will arise. Arranging vernissages in such an original space will definitively be attractive for many artists.